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I am an artist, illustrator, designer, creative director, copywriter and the primary creative voice at O’Neal Creative. I have honed my skills over the years working as part of innovative marketing teams both in-house for large brands (Burt’s Bees, Clorox) and on the agency side as a lead creative on accounts like Syngenta and Dow.

O’Neal Creative has provided an opportunity to take my skill set to a variety of other companies both large and small. It is my belief that great creative work doesn’t have to break your budget which is why I’ve curated some amazingly talented people that fill specific resource needs for your projects on an as-need-basis. The idea is that you can get all the benefits and services of an agency without having to pay for things that your project doesn’t need.


Whether we’re starting with a blank canvas or revisioning your brand, we can help distinguish your brand experience at every contact point.


What is going to set your brand apart at shelf? We can establish your brand at this key point of decide and produce high level packaging graphics that resonate with consumers, differentiate from your competitors and get your products in their cart.


We can develop your brand voice and establish a tone and manner that will resonate with consumers and clients alike.


What’s the point of great design if it doesn’t function? Whether you’re looking to elevate your presence in print or the digital space we can build out strategic, functional design.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we agree and we’ve got a bevy of photographic resources for your project.


Sometimes design is making pretty pictures. We can illustrate in a wide range of styles to create the perfect illustrative elements for packaging, print collateral, iconography, etc.

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We want to know more about you and find out how we can help grow your brand.