Recently, a client requested that we help them develop some designs to be applied to garments for a photoshoot. The scenes were specific enough to direct the communication, but the design work needed to remain fairly generic – also they needed the designs turned around in a day. This posed in interesting scenario and touched on something that designers often overlook when doing branding projects and that is not paying enough respect to clear, simple communication in lieu of achieving a high level of uniqueness. Successful brand design typically meets somewhere in the middle.

The project called for 5 different situations – Family Reunion, Youth Soccer, 5K/Race Event, Pickup Basketball and Pickup Football. Not too tough, but this became a formal sketching exercise and forced us to think about how to clearly achieve a high level of communication for an immediate visual connection. In branding, we often see nebulous and many times beautiful design that really has limited meaning if you strip away the name of the organization that is attached to it. This work really forced us to step back into the role of communicator to see what our basis for any design should be. That’s not to say that we’d necessarily select any of these logos to represent a brand, company, event, etc but they do serve as a starting point for more extensive design work.

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